Caring for Your Garden

Learn to:
Assess the site
Plant anatomy
Plant nomenclature & identification
Pruning, propagating, pests & diseases
Maintain your garden and garden log
Study at your own pace from 1-3 years to complete
6 marked projects including plant study
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Distance Learning Course - Caring for your garden
Distance Learning Course - Caring for your garden
Correspondence course guiding you through the seasonal and routine tasks to make and maintain your own or a friend's garden

A practical course covering all the essential tasks needed to understand, restore or maintain an existing garden, including seasonal tasks, tools, plant diseases, pruning and propagation and the kitchen garden.

Assessing your garden & making a garden plan

Appraising and analysing the site, nature of the soil, aspect and existing planting and hard landscaping. Surroundings.

Plant anatomy: how plants work

Understand the anatomy of a plant from root structure and leaves to fruit and flowers. Choosing appropriate plants for your soil and climatic conditions.

Plant nomenclature & identification

Learn how plants are classified and the reasons behind the plant names and families. The binomial system & Latin names.

Getting the garden into shape

Before considering replanting.  Clearing the site and using or moving existing plants.

Planning new plantings

Choosing plants for structure.  Hedging and attracting wildlife.

Choosing & buying plants

Trees, climbers, shrubs, perennials and bulbs.  What to look for and why.

Pruning, progagating, pests & diseases

Understand the different methods of propagating healthy plants, tackling pests and diseases, early and late pruning and other seasonal tasks.


Maintaining your garden and garden log

Work out an appropriate maintenance plan so that you get the best out of your garden. Keep a garden log and enjoy your new found skill.

Finishing touches

Water, lighting, furniture.  Thinking to the future.

Our Tutors

The EGS Distance Learning tutors have been trained at the English Gardening School by many of today’s leading garden designers, horticulturists and plantsmen. Our course attracts Distance Learning students from all over the world, who often use the course as a stepping stone to a new career.

You will need a garden to use while on the course, either your own or a friend’s garden.  The therapeutic effect of gardening is well known and the course is an enjoyable learning curve.

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