A sample of some of our more recent testimonials from course graduates.


A fantastic introduction to a very complex topic with a range of guest speakers who are all experts in their field. Put your life on hold for 10 weeks and do this course.

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2016


The diploma in garden design devised by Rosemary and taught at The English Gardening School has served as an invaluable foundation for my career as a garden designer.  Her profound knowledge of both design and planting, conscientiously transmitted to her students has, I am convinced, played a very prominent role in my success.

Frederic Whyte - Frederic works across the UK and in Europe. He has four RHS flower show medals, including one RHS Chelsea gold medal.


I am really enjoying the course, it is exactly what I needed I only wish I had found you sooner!    

Student - Distance Learning Garden Design 2014


The course is outstanding.  Everything we did was relevant to basic good gardening.  Our practical sessions were well-organised and instructive.   I have no criticisms and only the highest praise.

Student - Good Gardening Diploma 2016


Such a wonderful course.  I'm totally inspired!

Student - Gardening for Beginners 2019


We have all developed an even stronger love of gardening and genuine friendships that will last far beyond the end of the course - and it is all down to what you have created with the EGS.  

Student - Good Gardening Diploma 2018


The level of tutors that I was exposed to was top from the industry…it couldn’t have been better

Ruth Willmott - Multi award-winner who graduated from the School in 2009 with Distinction


Yes, it has been hard work but I never thought it would be otherwise, and I have so enjoyed doing it. I feel quite bereft now that the course has ended.

Student - Practical Horticulture 2013


When the manual arrived I knew this course would give me exactly what I have been looking for with a very clear structure and excellent, concise guidance.

Student - Distance Learning Garden Design 2016


I have now started my own business designing real gardens for actual clients and I’ve just been asked to design a show garden. I would not even have attempted this if I hadn’t had your amazing support and guidance.  You have helped me change my path for the better and I am so grateful for that.

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2018


Loved the atmosphere of being at the Chelsea Physic Garden.  The course is amazing.  Quality of the tutors and speakers.

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2016


I enjoyed the whole experience very much and learned a great deal.  It's so well structured and leads and builds effectively to each next stage without cutting any corners.      

Student - Distance Learning Garden Design 2017


An amazingly intensive course of lectures, visits and knowledge from some of the garden design industry's finest delivering a professional and dedicated course with the greatest of encouragement and passion.  

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2018


Believe Rosemary when she tells you the amount of work involved.  I found it totally absorbing; it filled all of my waking hours and my dreams.  Brilliant.  

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2017


I have found taking part in this course tremendously informative and enjoyable.  It has been a privilege to have been able to do so with guidance from yourselves.  

Student - Distance Learning Garden Design 2019


You said it would change my life and I would meet the most amazing people...  you were so right!

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2018


An inspirational course, practical and relevant delivered by lecturers with a wealth of practical experience enabling students to get the most out of their gardening

Ed Flint - Head Gardener at a private family garden on the Kent / Sussex borders


It has been a pleasure attending the School - the time and knowledge you have shared will never be forgotten. Thank you.

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2011


These four days have been an unforgettable experience. The attention, dedication, knowledge, breathtaking gardens and the kind and very helpful people all the way! Well done to all of you!

Student - Gardening for Beginners 2019


Loved every moment - learnt so much. Hope to continue to study with you.

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2011


I feel the knowledge and confidence gained from the course will enable me to take on more challenging and exciting work. Have thoroughly enjoyed the course and am amazed how you managed to extract the drawing skills needed in such a short amount of time! Fantastic.

Student - Essential Garden Design Diploma 2019


Excellent.  Thank you for a wonderful course.

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2015


I so enjoyed the beginners course you organised, it was a very interesting 4 days and has given me lots of ideas, I not only enjoyed the content of the course but also meeting such a variety of people and hearing all their issues and experiences.

Student - Gardening for Beginners 2019


Passionate lecturers and practical days out have inspired me in my own garden and beyond into designing for others.  This course has given me the much needed confidence in my own ability as a gardener and a designer and I'm loving every minute!

Student - Good Gardening Diploma 2016


A personalised, inventive and phenomenally rewarding and exciting 10 weeks

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2016


Fresh, international and teaching grounded in real gardens.    

Mr Simon Hewitt, Kew dip, FLS - Freelances as head gardener at The River Cafe & The Dock Kitchen, designer of over 30 gardens and creative director of his own nursery and garden workshop.


I have enjoyed the course immensely.  Relevant, interesting homework, excellent feedback and efficiently marked.

Student - Good Gardening Diploma 2017


This has been an excellent course and certainly helped me improve my skills.  I have enjoyed the feedback from each of the assignments and I have grown and learned a lot from them.

Student New Zealand - Distance Learning Garden Design 2016


Thank you for all your support, encouragement and guidance.  You are such a huge inspiration and I have loved every minute on both courses.

Student - both Diploma courses 2018/2019


I was so pleased that I chose this course; it was hard work but we had great support and encouragement from Rosemary and the tutors. Thank you all!

Student - Essential Garden Design Diploma 2019


Intense but well worth the effort.  You are such an inspiration Rosemary and I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes to such a sunny future.

Student - Essential Gardening Design Diploma 2019


I've very much enjoyed the course

Student - Distance Learning Garden Design 2017


I feel like I’ve gained a lot of confidence and learnt so much. So glad I decided to do the course! And have met a great bunch of people.

Student - Essential Garden Design Diploma 2019


It has completely changed my career and I can't thank you all enough for a wonderful 3 months!

Byron Thomas - Garden Design Diploma 2015


Thanks for my time at EGS.  I only wanted to create a beautiful garden for us, but it has quite literally changed my life!

Barbara Brooks - Garden Design Diploma 2012


While hard work, the course was the best experience ever.  Now successfully freelance with great friends from the course.

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2017


The course gave me exactly what I needed; inspiration, confidence and the design skills that I would never have developed from books alone.

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2019


I have absolutely loved every week of this course - so varied and interesting.

Student - Good Gardening Diploma 2015


The care and attention the tutors give is outstanding, feedback both on design and written work is detailed and critical while remaining positive. I thoroughly enjoyed the course as much for meeting the other high calibre students as for the content and left inspired and confident that I had achieved a solid grounding in the subject.

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2018


Thank you so much for being so inspirational and  I look forward to developing my professional career

Manoj Malde - Chelsea medal winner Garden Design Diploma 2012


You have created such a beautiful world here at the School

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2014


How much I have enjoyed the last 2 years at The English Gardening School, introducing me to the world of gardening 'Rosemary Alexander' style, along with gaining wonderful friends.

Student - both Diploma courses 2018/2019


The course has brought me into contact with the amazing world that is garden design, it has been immensely enjoyable and I view the gardens and plantings I come across totally differently now. I can only recommend the course - although it is a distance learning course I have never felt support has been lacking! My tutor and admin staff immensely helpful.  

Student - Distance Learning Garden Design 2019


I came to the school not knowing anything about gardening.  Today, I am familiar with a myriad of plants, the best gardening practices and my own garden is looking the best!  This has been such an enjoyable journey for me.

Student - Good Gardening Diploma 2017


Studying garden design at the English Gardening school 25 years ago was one of the best things I ever did. I already had landscaping experience which combined well with the huge range of design skills I learnt at the EGS to give me the confidence to set up a design and build business.    

Joe Swift - Joe is a well-known UK garden designer, writer and broadcaster, winning Gold at Chelsea 2012 and has recently completed an award winning London Pocket Park with Dame Zandra Rhodes. Joe has been presenting BBC Gardeners World since 1998, hosts the RHS Chelsea flower show as well as other gardening programmes and writes regularly for the Times and Gardeners World magazine.


As a foreigner, I did not know very much about the school but felt blessed and really in the right place as the course went on!  The outstanding dedication from Rosemary and Rachel was touching and I may say that they were for me what a real tutor should really be, taking the best out of each of us !  

Student - Garden Design Diploma 2018


The School's reputation enabled me to gain invaluable experience with top professionals in the industry: one of which was to be part of the Hillier Staging Team at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2013 winning a record 68th consecutive Gold.

Gillian Goodson - Top Student Garden Design Diploma 2013


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone wishing to deepen their gardening knowledge.

Student - Good Gardening Diploma 2017


I feel so lucky to have been able to experience all of this.  Thank you so much.  I have loved it.

Student - Good Gardening Diploma 2017