Good Gardening Diploma

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Learn to:
Replan your garden
Draw planting plans
Expand your plant knowledge
One-Year Diploma course
Takes place on Tuesday each week (over 3 terms)
Times: 10.30am – 3.15pm
Next Course:
September 2024
Good Gardening Diploma students' practical session at Arundel Castle.  Photo by Richard Dunkley from his Arundel Year project
Good Gardening Diploma students' practical session at Arundel Castle. Photo by Richard Dunkley from his Arundel Year project
Our internationally renowned signature course

Covers training in the more serious aspects of horticultural practice and planting design. One day a week, the course is taught over three terms and begins annually late September.  Horticulture lectures at the School are led by Edward Flint, Ben Pope and Derry Watkins with termly instruction on drawing up professional planting plans, helping students obtain work after the course.  Practical sessions are held at Sandhill Farm House near Petersfield, home of Rosemary Alexander and at Arundel Castle under the guidance of the head gardener Martin Duncan.  Sandhill tutorial sessions are with Laurence Evans who trained at Chelsea Physic Garden and Tina Woodward. Exclusive visits to private gardens are an integral part of the course.


We expect a high degree of commitment from our students. Work is graded on regular ongoing assessment and provided the required standard is reached, the final marks are graded Distinction, Credit or Pass.  Our Diploma is highly regarded internationally and is an asset in securing future work. Prospective students are advised to attend an INFORMATION SESSION which explains the work involved and the required level of commitment. INFORMATION SESSIONS are being held regularly so please email to inquire or Apply For This Course and await our confirmation.




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