Griselda Kerr, who trained in horticulture and garden design at The English Gardening School, Broomfield College and Brooksby College, is a gardener, lecturer and columnist who describes herself as ‘always thinking about plants’. Her vibrant garden in Derbyshire is regularly open to the public and frequently features on Instagram. Follow Griselda Kerr on Instagram @griselda.kerr

PHOTO GRISELDA KERR BOOK WEBWhen Griselda, newly returned from Hong Kong, set out to rescue the ‘dismal-looking’ plants in her garden, she looked for a general guide book to help her – and failed to find one. Instead, she started to collect information wherever she could.  After twenty years of gathering gardening knowledge, and testing it out in her Derbyshire garden, she has put together the book she wished she had access to then.  (Extract from publisher The Pimpernel Press) ISBN 9781910258231