Imperial Gardens of Russia – V11 Annual International Festival at St.Petersburg 6 -15 June 2014

As this is the Year of British Culture in Russia, Rosemary Alexander, John Brookes, and Juliet Roberts have been invited to be members of the International Jury.  Garden Design is an emergent profession in Russia, and becoming very popular, with rock and balcony gardens being built even in the harsh climate of Siberia.

‘It will be interesting to see how Russian garden designers adapt our British style to their own show gardens’, says Rosemary.  ‘They are inspired by contemporary designers as well as the classic but I am trying to wean them off crazy paving’.

Annually in September, Rosemary leads a tour for her Russian students, and students of ‘Green Arrow’, the Russian garden design school, and will be returning to Scotland in 2104 to visit Charles Jenks Garden of Cosmic Speculation and other gardens on the West Coast.

RA. 27.02.14